Read about What type of Paint To Use For Projector Screens? Have you just got yourself a projector and now have to prepare a room for screening? You will now need to research what type of paint to use for projector screens.

There are only two things left to do once you have your projector with you. First, prepare the room, and second, prepare a screen. To prepare a room, the main concern is cutting off ambient light that may be present in the room for the best screening quality. Once you have made provisions for your ‘dark room’ you will now need to consider your screen. So exactly What type of Paint To Use For Projector Screens?

what type of paint to use for projector screen


What type of Paint To Use For Projector Screens?

While you can buy projector screens that can be manually or electrically mounted, another option to explore is projector screen paint. Projector paint is a specially formulated water-based acrylic or latex paint that specifically provides to be an ideal surface or screen for your projector. Screen paint can work out not only to be cheaper but more convenient and better quality in rooms that have regular screening taking place. This could be a solution for your home theatre set-up or even office or conference space. Screen Paint is a projector wall paint that you can easily prepare by yourself with just a few simple tools and know-how. So What type of Paint To Use For Projector Screens?

A lot of people think that normal wall paint can act as a projector screen but, wall paint for projector is made to maximize brightness through gain, contrast, and picture quality by color and texture and even work well in environments with high ambient lighting. Also, projector paint need not be painted only on concrete walls. They can work on any surface like wood, glass, metal, and plaster. This can be done as a simple DIY project with just a few pointers to ensure you do it right. The first thing to consider is choosing the best projector screen paint for you. Let’s see more on What type of Paint To Use For Projector Screens?

How to Choose the Best Projector Screen Paint? What type of Paint To Use For Projector Screens?

Type of Paint: As mentioned before, screen paints are water-based and come in latex or acrylic. Latex paint refers to the vinyl that is added to the paint and makes it less expensive but less durable. Acrylic paints are not easily affected by temperatures and humidity and thus last longer. But the chemicals in acrylic paint are harmful and require you to be extra careful while applying.

what type of paint to use for projector screen

Gain Value: The other thing to consider is the projector wall paint’s gain value. Gain value refers to the reflective ability of your screen that makes the picture brighter. Keep in mind the capabilities of your projector. If it is high-end then it would be able to emit enough light to give a bright picture. If not, you want the gain value of your screen to be higher. A normal white wall has a gain value of 1.0. So a range from 1.5 to 2.0 can be considered a good gain value.

Resolution: Projectors also clearly mention the picture resolution it is capable of. If it had HD quality, then you want your screen paint to also match the same.

Color: Last but not least, you need to consider the best color for projector screen. If you have little or low ambient lighting, white screens are always better. If however, you have high ambient light, then a slight grey may suit you better.

Some of the best projector screen paint brands in the market are Paint on Screen and Digital Image Screen Paint. See below FAQs on What type of Paint To Use For Projector Screens?


1. How do you Paint for Projector Screen?

  • Mark the area: Use masking tape and outline the area that you want to convert to a screen.
  • Use a roller brush: Get yourself a good quality roller brush to cover the area you want to paint
  • Primer: First apply a coat of primer to the marked area
  • Screen paint: Apply two coats of screen paint. Use protective gear while painting. Remove masking tape before the paint fully dries.

Your screen will be ready in 24hours!

2. What are VOCs?

VOC refers to Volatile Organic Compounds that are present in screen paints. This is harmful and is why care must be taken while using projector paint.