The Importance Of Lens In A Projector

Most people have the idea that a projector uses a single lens. But on the contrary, multiple lenses are used in each of them. In fact, in many projectors, you can change the lens even to get the image quality you are looking for. As you read this article on which lens is used in a projector? you will get further clarity about it.

Type Of Lens Used In A Projector

By default, all projectors use a convex lens. It is the same lens that is used in a magnifying glass. It turns the image real, magnified, and inverted on the projected screen. Other than this, a projector uses four other types of lenses too which have been discussed below. You can use any of these lenses according to your projector to get the best quality images.

Types Of Lenses

Which Lens Is Used In Projector?
  • Convex Lens (Zoom): This lens is a basic requirement for every projector and so each of them has this lens by default. It magnifies the size of the projected image. This lens also has the capacity for zooming an image. Even when your screen has a limited range for Zoom, still it shall make fine-tuning easier.
  • Long-Throw lens: When you are unable to place a projector closer to the screen, a long-throw lens is used for delivering a greater picture quality just like a zoom lens. This lens upgrades the clarity and size of the picture on the screen.  Usually, this type of lens is used in projectors that are used in auditoriums and theaters. If the distance between the projector and the screen is about ten feet then, this lens is the perfect one to be used.
  • Micro Lens: These lenses are very small with a diameter of less than a millimeter even. It is a great option for digital projectors because of having higher picture quality. If a micro lens has a spherical convex layer it means the single layer of the lens has an outward curve. It refracts light. A micro lens with many layers is thicker. It clarifies and brightens the picture.
  • Short-Throw Lens (Wide Angle): This type of lens is in short-throw projectors. When the distance between the lens and the screen is less than ten feet, this lens is used. The focal length of is lens is short and so it brings a wider field for viewing. This lens is used for creating a distance between the screen and the projector in the room. The distance of short-throw projectors from the screen is between zero to eight feet so, if you keep the monitor closer, it would turn the image smaller. It shall even cut parts of the projected image too. In such a situation a wide-angle lens is the best alternative.