The thought, will projector work on dark wall indeed leaves us puzzled especially when we are planning to buy one. We are looking forward to reaching the answer to this thought.

Will projector work on dark wall?

While we are making preparations to buy a projector, many thoughts come to our mind regarding it especially when it happens to be the first projector. One of such thoughts has always been with regards to the adaptability to the color on the wall of the room. It always makes us think that the will projector work on dark wall.

When the question arises on the choice of color, we have as our wall that we know as a white wall or a grey wall being of lighter and neutral shades. They shall reflect light to the viewers. And this works well with the projector as the prime function of the projector is to reflect the light after hitting a surface to the viewer’s eyes and this makes the image from the projector visible to our eyes. The thing with darker colors is that it tends to absorb more of the color than reflect it.

will projector work on dark wall

Due to this reason; darker colors such as blue, black, dark grey, and many more such shades shall not work well with the projector image. But also, if your room happens to have plenty of ambient light, depending upon the type of projector it may work but again, it shall have an impact on the quality of the image, contrast, and gain. This shall not provide you with the quality of image that you are looking for. So, with the support of bright ambient light, it may be worked upon the dark-colored walls but still, the result shall never be a satisfactory one.