Projectors are used in various places for organizing on-screen display presentations such as conference halls, classrooms, auditoriums, office discussions, home cinemas, etc., also there are various types of projectors available in the market, let’s know about two such impressive types of projectors, that are- Epson ls500 vs Vava. See more about Epson ls500 vs Vava.


Know about the features of Epson ls500

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Epson ls500 models are one of the most popular home theatre projectors in the market. Talking about the picture quality, it uses pixel-shifting technology that doubles the number of pixels on the screen as if full HD views (1080p) and also offers the resolution of 1920 x 1080. It also includes 1-bit color processing through a 3LCD display which provides full coverage of the Rec.709 spectrum. Thus, it brings an opportunity for the viewers to run the content on the screen with 3D support along with realistic color and high dynamic contrast to the picture on the screen. It enhances the cinematic experience of the presentation for the viewers.

The contrast ratio counts to be 2500000:1 along with an input lag of 21ms; this projector’s lag is found to be considerable for gaming reference by the viewers as input lag under 30ms is found to be applicable to support online play games, wiping out any noticeable lag. This also is an appreciable feature as it provides smooth on-screen display action while watching shows, movies, etc.

Epson ls500 offers a throw distance of 0.7’ – 1.9’ with a screen size of 70” – 130”, this enables a stream of the content directly from the Android TV interface; also the projector can be directly used as of box, which is without extra devices required.

Epson ls500 also contains an easy installation program with a short-throw along with the wired inputs supports to attach extra devices on the call of requirement, with dual HDMI ports.

It consists of a bright lamp that is capable of resisting wash-out issues in rooms with large windows, outdoor use, etc., it holds a brightness of 4000 ANSI lumens.

Another exciting feature of this projector type is built-in speakers in their structure which give powerful sound output along with good clarity while dialogue delivery display presentations are quite appreciable among people for music and sound effects. Know more about Epson ls500 vs Vava.

Know about the features of VAVA

VAVA projector offers 4K resolutions that are 3840 x 2160 for the screen size 80” – 150” which indicates the fact that it works 4 times the pixels of Full HD along with a wide color gamut.

The contrast ratio of this projector is also high such that 1,500,000:1 with HDR10 and both combined to offer a sharp image experience aligned with detailed color accuracy. This enhances the picture quality presented by the projector. It also includes a short throw distance that is 1.4’ – 2.5’ for a 100” screen size display.

ALDP 3.0 technology is used in this projector to increase the lamp efficiency as the brightness held by the lamp is around 2500 ANSI lumens providing fully saturated images in low to moderate light levels.

The VAVA projector is in demand among people as a modern home theatre projector. Talking about another amazing feature in the VAVA’s list is the built-in 60-watt soundboard including audio technology such as Dolby Audio and DTS-HD which leads to adding appreciable sound effects to the display programs.

Also, it contains an android operating system that supports streaming apps and good wired and wireless connectivity facilities for attaching extra required devices.

What’s the conclusion of Epson ls500 vs Vava?

Therefore, the above-mentioned features of both the projectors indicate the versatility of their work.

Both differ in the features they contain such as Epson ls500 is seen to be brighter whereas VAVA holds better picture quality. Then, it is observed that Epson ls500 contains low input lag, and offers good gaming reference whereas VAVA projectors have good sound support.

Thus, both the projectors have their advantages and present a tough competition among people.


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