The brand analysis of JVC nx7 vs nx9 projectors brings to you the unique features of both the models under the DLA series. Reading further you are sure to have a clear idea about the one that you shall be requiring for your home. Know more about JVC NX7 vs NX9 here.


JVC NX7 vs NX9

As you have already understood by now that the JVC nx7 vs nx9 are two different models belonging to the same brand, let’s move forward. Certainly, both of them have their unique features. The model nx9 is nothing but an upgraded version of the nx7. In nx9 you shall find a much sharper resolution with a sophisticated lamp and lens. But having said that, nx7 is no less unique either. It has some of the features that you shall not have in many of the other projectors. JVC NX7 vs NX9, see differences below.

JVC Rs 2000 vs JVC Rs 3000


Undoubtedly, the JVC nx7 is an exceptional quality projector. It is meant for users who like having a high-end home theater. The cost of this projector is rs 2000. It is a guarantee that it shall be difficult for you to find another projector in the market that can match the quality of this. Its advanced 65 mm lens has 17 elements along with a dynamic iris to enhance the level of contrast. Having the 3-chip 10-bit color processor gives you a wide range of hues.

jvc nx7 vs nx9

This bulky projector weighing 40 pounds has good light control to it but does not have any speakers. It functions with the support of surrounding sound systems. It can play 3D movies in HD format.


  • Has an all-glass lens of 17 elements
  • Along with automatic tone mapping, supports HDR10
  • Converts 3D into HD
  • It has a 2D lens shift with a wide 2x zoom
  • Has low input lag to support gaming


The JVC NX9 happens to be the first home theater projector that has an image resolution capacity above 4k. This projector is priced at rs 3000. With the help of its e-shift technology, it turns the 4k content into 8k. This not only makes the image more detailed but also sharper. Its auto-tone mapping and the wide color gamut are similar to nx7. It brings a full and even saturation to the image with the support of its high native contrast and brighter lamp. JVC NX7 vs NX9, read on to know more.

Having the 18-element lens array and the powerful lamp, it is surely more versatile.  It has a handy installation mode, having 10 user-customizable presets for picture settings. Having the 3D pin supports various types of 3D formats. Even in low-energy mode, you shall be able to make it work up to 4,500 hours.

With the support of a clear motion drive, it eliminates the blurring of images from all sources of content. The advantage of hand-picked components and their high construction enable it to provide long-term performance. But indeed, often you shall be required to replace the bulb though. Using its 10 user-customizable settings for the picture presets, you can easily choose the one that you require. Read JVC NX7 vs NX9 features below.

jvc nx7 vs nx9


  • Has a resolution of 8k
  • Along with high contrast, it provides accurate and vibrant colors
  • 18-element all-glass lens with 100 mm
  • Motion drive with the smooth on-screen action
  • Customizable presets installation mode
  • Supports all sides and 3D format of frame packing

Table of comparisons: JVC NX7 vs NX9

Brightness (lumens)1,900 ANSI2,200 ANSI
Contrast Ratio80,000:1100,000:1
Input Lag40 MSData not available
Included Lens2 x manual zoom2 x manual zoom
Throw Distance12.3’ –20.7’11.9’ – 19.9’
Screen Size60” – 20160” – 200


1. Is there a stalk to mount the projector on the ceiling?

No. The mount capacity you choose to purchase shall have many options to it.

2. Is the projector durable?

Yes, the projector usually las a long service life unless any physical damage is brought over it.

3. Does it support 8k resolution?

It depends on the model of projector you are buying. Some do and some don’t.