The Purpose Of A Projector

Projectors have become very common and useful devices these days. No matter if it is in the board room, classroom, movie or home theater, or even at concerts, its need is felt everywhere. This optical device displays an image or a video on the projector screen in a much bigger way than televisions. It brings a great viewing experience. If you connect a projector to your home theater, you will enjoy your favorite shows on the big screen very easily just like in a movie theater.

 If you are planning to buy a projector soon then, this article on what are the three types of projectors. Is a must for you to read. It shall not only help you to learn about the types but their advantages too.

Projectors And Their Types

What are the three types of projectors

Although you will find a variety of projectors in the market but here, three of the most popular types have been discussed. These types are based on the angle they provide and their display properties. The three types of projectors are:

  1. Cathode Ray Tube Projector
  2. Digital Light Processing Projector
  3. Liquid Crystal Display Projector
  1. Cathode Ray Tube Projector: It is very popular and adds high levels of brightness too. Inside this projector a small cathode ray tube is present. The lens on the front manages the projection size. It produces high-quality images. 
  2. Digital Light Processing Projector: This projector has rows of mirrors which is tilted toward the source of the light. This projector further is classified into two types:
  • DLP Projector With Single Chip: It adds sharp quality to the images.
  • DLP Projector With Three Chip: Although it is a bit expensive but brings greater quality than the single chip one.

You will get sharp 3D images when you use the DLP projector. It is also much brighter than the LCD projectors and has great speed too.

What are the three types of projectors
  1. Liquid Crystal Display Projector: This projector too has a bright display and greater image quality than the DLP projector. Apart from being budget-friendly, this projector can handle motions well and can render blocks too. it has a polaroid mirror that passes and reflects lights. The LCD in it adds two different states. One solid and the other liquid. In projectors with liquid crystal displays, crystals are used for projecting the on-screen images. This projector is also very thin and portable.


  • It builds a large image.
  • Best alternative to bigger-sized televisions.
  • Cost-effective and saves space.
  • Easy to install and delivers effective presentation too.


  • Used by teachers in a classroom while delivering lectures.
  • Businesses use it during meetings.
  • At home you can use it as a big-screen theater-like ambiance and experience. It brings a great visual experience.
  • During special meetings projectors are very handy.
  • In corporate meetings too projectors are used during presentations.