Someone obsessed with movies at night would know the importance of projectors. Projectors are physically smaller as compared to television. But they are more expensive than television. The main reason why projectors are expensive is the demand for them. The demand for projectors is very less in the market as compared to television. So due to this, there are very few suppliers in the market. So this leads to very few products in the market. This makes them more expensive than television. This is the sole reason why projectors are expensive. But there are many other factors contributing to this. Keep reading to know more!


Features of the most expensive projectors

why projectors are expensive

A lot of features make the projectors more expensive than television. But it’s obvious to still wonder why projectors are expensive until you know the core best features of the most expensive projectors that you see around you.

Their brightness and contrast make them the most expensive ones. You would stop wondering why projectors are expensive once you know their features of brightness. Their brightness lies between 2000 to 4000 lumens. They have been manufactured in a way that they could hit the maximum brightness when you set them as your screen.

When it comes to gaming, apart from just viewing your movies, they don’t fail to win your heart. They have got fast speed to match up with your gaming speed. They have got amazing refresh rates that minimise the lag factor.

Projectors are expensive because of the features they have

They have got some excellent features that make them expensive.

They always set the right atmosphere for your movie night. They undoubtedly offer you an amazing picture quality and resolution. So all these factors offer you an amazing cinema night. The big screen with perfect picture quality is what you need! And the projector gets it right at the place!

They have high image resolution. As talked about earlier, their resolution is worth it! They have an amazing picture quality and you would hardly find any faults in their picture quality. Their standard picture quality is 1080 pixels. Sounds incredible, right! Also, they possess an image quality ranging from 1000 to 2000 lumens. You may go higher than this if you want to.

Buying yourself a projector is the best long term investment you are making. When you buy yourself a projector, you are undoubtedly reaching out to a long term investment. This is because they are gonna run for years. Also, a maximum of them come with warranties, so even if the product faces some trouble, you can get it fixed.

Buying yourself a costly projector isn’t a bad idea!

why projectors are expensive

Since projectors work as your long term investment, putting in a little more money into buying them won’t suck! Since you want a good picture quality and resolution, it’s really obvious that you need to spend a bit. Though there are also projectors that fit in your budget, yet give you all the 4K visuals you want in your movie night!

Buy yourself an expensive projector now!

If you love movies at high resolution and want to upgrade from your home theatre setup, projectors are a great thing to switch to. All the projectors whose installation takes a lot of time prove to be hectic. So the new ones have an easy installation system for you. What you need to do for their installation is to place them near to a barrier and you don’t need heavy wiring to run down your ceiling. And that’s how you are getting the best projector for yourself.


1. What are the types of projectors available in the market?

There are two types of projectors present in the market:
DLP ( Digital Light Projection)
LCD ( Liquid Crystal Display)
The technology of DLP in the protectors has been designed by placing small mirrors. These little mirrors guide the light. This light then appears in the form of pictures on your screen. LCD projectors are an alternative to DLP projectors.