A gobo projector projects the gobos towards a wall or floor, mainly used for indoor events, but specific models work well in the outdoors. If you are searching for the best outdoor gobo projector, this may be a better choice. This projector comes with many variants where you will get a good user experience with the projector and its sound quality while linking with the system.


Best gobo projectorBuying Guide

Factors to look for when you choose the best gobo projector

Some of the factors to keep in mind while you make a gobo projector purchase are as given below:-

  • Attachment

It should be checked if a gobo projector can be attached to the desired surfaces.

  • Portable

The device should be easy to carry and  should have an easily adjustable design

Best gobo projector review

Best outdoor gobo projector

best gobo projector


  • This projector comes under the brand CHAUVET DJ
  • This projector runs on a lithium-ion battery power
  • The material is made of metal and includes a magnetic base that allows to fix the projector to any surfaces quickly


  • This product comes with a manual zoom option that helps in adjusting throw applications.
  • The package includes  10 “wedding-ready” gobos.
  • Scissor clip for attaching the device to the ceiling
  • IRC-6 remote controlled as well as a power cable, so even if you run out of battery, you can plug this device into a current source
  •  Wireless connectivity feature incorporated
  • Adjustable knobs


  • Compared to the other similar models, this product comes in a sleek and modern design, and the metal base makes it unique


  • This is the best gobo projector for wedding, parties, and small functions that happens indoors
  • Small gobo projector, Ideal for retail shops, while hosting sports events and conducting exhibitions


  •  lithium battery
  •  Attachable to all metal surfaces
  • easy to carry


  • Less brightness level
  • Not Suitable for large system

What’s new?

  • You can print the patterns, and the magnetic base would be the newest feature added.

Why should you buy it?

  • This is the best gobo projector that can be used efficiently, and it creates some fantastic gobos that make the surface of your special events memorable.
best gobo projector


what is the best gobo projector?

CHAUVET DJ EZGOBO Battery-Powered LED Gobo Projector is the best gobo projector available with higher user ratings and excellent features.

What is a gobo projector?

Gobos are small pieces of glass or metal, usually imprinted with cute designs; when attached to a projector, they creates some fantastic reflections on the wall/ floor. Gobo looks similar to a stencilled sheet, and the number of designs you can make is unlimited.

How to use a gobo projector?

Insert the gobo inside the projector, adjust the angle, and project it towards a light source so that the image appears on the wall.