A home projector indeed is the best device that you can choose to have the big screen experience at home. A good projector comes with a variety of features these days. It can easily give you a theatre-like experience right in the comfort of your home if you set it properly. The steps below shall guide you to set it up easily.

  • Choose The Correct Location: To have the best experience you must first choose the appropriate position in the living room where you shall set up the projector. the bigger the room the better it shall be. Projectors are capable of projecting images as small as forty to fifty inches and as big as three hundred inches too. So, place it perfectly and also ensure that the wall or the screen is perfect too.
  • Screen Set Up: Setting the screen perfectly is important too to have an immersive experience. If you are buying a new screen try to pick either white or grey. A perfect screen is also important too because it not only blocks the light but also makes the projection appear much brighter. These days you can easily buy the screen from the shop selling the best projector for home.
  • Adjust The Height: Where are you placing the projector? are you mounting it on the ceiling? Keeping on the floor? or the table? Ensure that the projector is in alignment with the screen. If the alignment is improper then the image shall not come out perfectly. In most projectors, you shall find the upward throw mechanism. It means the image is coming from the middle of the lens. So, check the height while placing.
  • Plug In And Start: Ensure that you have plugged in the cables. The HDMI cables must connect the projector to the pc or television. Even the sound cables too must be attached to the home theater in case you are using one. Plug the projector into a power source too. Once it is done, start the projector. 
  • Check The Alignment Of The Image: Check if the image is thrown properly from it. Check if the focus is perfect and also if the images are sharp. Adjust the lens if needed. Ensure that the lights in the room are very poor too so there the projected image is clear.
  • Clear Down On The Mess: It is also important to check the mess of cables and keep it as clean as possible. Rearrange the cables in such a way that it is not blocking the view and neither it is creating a hindrance while walking in the room.
  • Set The picture Mode: Check and adjust the lamp mode along with other dynamics such as the color, contrast, brightness, and grayscale levels. Ensure that the projection is detailed and clear.
  • Check The Sound: These all-good projectors have great inbuilt sound levels. But if you want to add a greater experience, connect it to the home theater or even a Bluetooth speaker.
  • Make The Lights Dim: Keep all the lights in the room very poor. The only bright light shall be the one from the projector. Once it is set, enjoy your favorite show over a bowl of hot popcorn.