The Projector And Its Reaction To Colors

There has often been curiosity among users about how the projector displays colors especially black. So, while you read this article which specifically focuses on how do projectors project the color black? it shall help you understand its concepts. We have learned in our science lessons that black is not a reflection of light rather it is due to the lack of white. So, let us find out here how this concept applies in the case of projectors. 

Projecting Black

Generally, white appears when all the colors combine, and black appears when there is an absence of white. So, the term that goes around stating black is the opposite of white, is true. A projector does not display black because there is no such thing as black light. So, the patches on a projected image that are supposed to be black are actually dim white. If the contrast of the image is high then our brain accepts it as black. It gets affirmed here that projecting black through a projector is not possible.

How The Eyes Perceive The Colors Through A Projector

How do projectors project the colour black

You must have wondered about how we see different colors. Well, the science behind it is the white light. White combines all the colors and makes a distinction between different colors to our eyes as well. Due to this nature of white, we can safely conclude that white has all the colors except black. Black happens to be a hue and not a color. So, when we look at a red apple, it is the color red that is reflected in the apple. In truth, the apple is not red at all. So, this is how the concept of colors from a projector to our eyes works as well.

What Makes The Relationship Of Black With A Projector Complicated

Because black is not produced by the projector so, the black projection is dependent on multiple variables. Eyes are a very complicated thing. It is not only intricate but also works as the brain perceives. So, the eyes interpret the colors as the brain directs them. So, if you put a dark object over a bed of white, it shall appear to be darker than it is. So, in a projector too, when many vibrant and light colors surround a black image, it makes the black look, even more, deeper to the eyes than it is. 

How Essential Is The Surface

The projected surface plays an important role in bringing out the dept of black over the patch of an image. If a light surface is projected through a projector then the density of black shall not be deeper. If the projector is projected over a very dark surface suppose a black wall, the patches of black on the image shall be much darker.