Fixing the projector and the screen properly is a basic requirement to use it. There are many ways on how to mount projector. You can wither use joints and mounting equipment if you can drill holes. Else, you can use tables and shelves to mount a projector. Opt the way that is more convenient for you.


How to mount projector screen?

Measure the length and width of your screen to have an idea of how much space it requires to be mounted. You can either drill holes to secure the screen to the wall or attach it to the ceiling.

how to mount projector

How to mount projector screen to the ceiling?

You will probably find an eyebolt on your screen, screw it through the ceiling. Join the hook snap in the screen to the eyebolt in the ceiling. This makes the screen stand firm from the ceiling.

How to mount projector to wall?

Before placing a projector, you must calculate its throw distance which is the distance between your screen and the projector. Now, the projector can be attached to the mounts created using the pipes or arms that come with the mount kit.

How to mount projector screen to the wall?

To mount the projector screen to the wall, identify the height of the projector and the wall mounts. Mark parallel points on the wall and drill holes using a screw gun. Secure the mounting brackets onto the wall. Finally, place the projector onto the wall mounts.

How to mount projector to drop ceiling?

how to mount projector

You can use a universal drop ceiling that comes in a ready-to-install format to mount your projector. you can also use projector ceiling plates or projector brackets.

How to mount the projector to the ceiling without a stud?

You can use wooden anchors that are available to mount projectors to the ceiling. Make sure that it is large enough and capable of holding your projector.

How to mount the projector in the bedroom?

You can use mini projectors that can be mounted to the ceiling or the wall. The best way to mount a projector in the bedroom is by attaching it to the ceiling.


1. How to mount projector to drywall ceiling?

Drywalls have less capability to hold weight. If you have decided to hang your projector on a drywall ceiling, make sure that it has extra joints and support.

2. How to mount a projector without drilling?

There are many affordable ways to mount a projector without drilling. You can mount your projector to a shelf or on a tabletop. Various stands can be used for this purpose.

3. How to mount a projector without holes?

You can use an existing bookshelf to mount a projector that requires no drilling of holes.

4. How to mount a projector screen outside?

You can use portable movies screens that should be inflated before pulling it upright. These inflatable screens make it convenient to be placed outdoors.