There are many projectors which promise pictures of cinema quality for your home theatre of yours. But the line of JVC DLA is 1 of the few which keeps this promise. The NX7 and NZ7 models are licenced by the Foundation of Imaging Science, using an all-glance sophisticated lens & 3-chip display which combine for an incredible overall quality of an image.

Surely, both of the models occupy a high price range too, so the customers want to ensure it is right for them before they buy any. The NX7 is outperformed by the 8K-capable NZ7 on most metrics. NZ7 can be the better option for most who debate the JVC NX7 vs. NZ7. Let us look closely at where and why the two models differ.




The JVC NZ7 has 4K resolution which can double to 8k with the use of the 2-direction proprietary shift technology. The light source of the BLU-Escent & all-glass 17-element lens gives it clarity and contrast to match that resolution. The chip display of 3 D-ILA supports the colour gamut of the entire DCI-P3, with support for Frame Adapt HDR and HDR10+ tone mapping to ensure clarity, contrast and optimal colour for all content.

The users will require external speakers with the model as there are no built-in ones. The motorised lens has a powered zoom of 2x & both vertical (+/- 80%) and horizontal (+/- 34%) lens shift. The installation mode lets users adjust 8 settings, such as pixel, aspect and keystone adjustment. You can save the settings to 1 of the ten memory slots.


This model uses the 17-element lens like the above model of NZ7, & is similarly excellent from the standpoint of the quality of the picture. Its colour gamut of it exceeds The spectrum of DCI-P3, with Auto Tone Mapping of HDR10 for optimising the hues & ensuring signal accuracy. A high native ratio of contrast means impressive image texture and depth and rich black levels.

It also includes a long distance of throw & weighs more than 40 pounds, which is heavier as compared to the maximum limit of weight of many mounts of the ceiling. It has the same 2x-powered zoom and 2D lens shift as the NZ7. The optical built-in sensor allows for optimising settings like Gamma characteristics, colour balance and automatic tone mapping. The nine settings in the installation mode give the users to adjust the pictures manually if they prefer.


Features JVC NZ7JVC NX7
Resolution 4096×2160-Native 4k resolution with an engine of pixel-shifting. Also accepts content in 8k4096×2160- maxes out at native 4K resolution
Brightness or lumens2200 lumens with a laser phosphor source of light- keeps pictures saturated fully from low to moderate levels of light1900 lumens with a 265-watt NSH bulb- bright enough for a dedicated space of a home theatre
Lifespan of lampCan last around 20000 hours and maintain a consistent brightnessCan last approximately 3500 to 4500 hours and dim as it ages 
Ratio of Contrast 40,000:180,000:1
Distance of throw 12.3 feet to 20.7 feet12.3 feet to 20.7 feet
Lag of input 37ms40ms
Size of screen 60 inches to 201 inches60 inches to 201 inches
Speakers NoNo 
Technology Colour management system and wide colour gamutAdvanced system of colour management with a wide colour gamut
Installation Flexible with wide zoom and lens shiftIncludes wide zoom& 2D lens shift 


1. Does the JVC company make good projectors?

The JVC company makes fairly good projectors like JVC DLA-NP5. It is a lamp-based 7000 dollars projector with superb HDR performance from the dynamic tone mapping of JVC, deep blacks, support for 4K/120 and 3D gaming, native 4K resolution and excellent out-of-the-box accuracy.

2. Does a JVC projector support Dolby Vision?

A projector from JVC lacks Dolby Vision. Although, it supports the format of HDR10+ & includes even more sophisticated tone mapping of dynamic HDR & optimisation settings as compared to the model of LG HU915QB.

3. What is E-shift in JVC?

E-shift is a high-resolution and proprietary display Technology of JVC that shifts one pixel by pixels of 0.5 horizontally and vertically to achieve four times the density of pixels of original content. JVCKENWOOD developed a 4K E-shift technology back in 2011 ahead of the prevailing competition.

4. Can JVC support 120Hz?

JVC DLA-NP5 projector model has connectors of HDMI that are compatible with streams of video up to approximately 48 Gbps& supports formats of 4K 120Hz. It’s the perfect partner for the consoles of the Xbox x series and PlayStation 5 because it offers a mode of low latency to optimize responsiveness and smoothness in games that require fast action and quick reflexes.