The Screen Size And Type Of A Projector

Generally, when we decide on the size and type of screen that we want to have for our projector we do it based on the size of the image we desire. So, if you too are wondering about what screen type and size should be used on a projector? then read ahead to know about it in detail. 

The Job Of A Projector Screen

What Screen Type And Size Should Be Used On A Projector?

The projector screen is the surface over which the projector throws the image for viewing. Even though the projector screen comes in a variety of colors, meant for different purposes, still, a white screen is the best. Usually, the screens are made using a type of fabric that reflects light and blocks the sound. These screens are woven using a type of mesh to add support with great color, reflection, saturation, contrast, and sound transparency.

The Type And Size Of Screen Ideal For A Projector

The size of a screen ranging between 100 to 120 inches in length with a width between 2.5 to 3 meters is just the perfect one for a projector that is used in homes, offices, or schools. Or in other words, a screen having a ratio of 2.35:1 is the best fit. As a second alternative, a screen with a ratio of 16:9 is also a good option too. Talking about screen types, the anamorphic screen for projectors is the best type that you can choose. 

Types Of Projector Screens

What Screen Type And Size Should Be Used On A Projector?

A projector screen comes in two types:

  • Fixed Projector Screen
  • Portable Projector Screen
  1. Fixed Projector Screen: This screen adds an optimized level of tension to the canvas. The rigid frame in it enables you to stretch it to your comfortable viewing position. It has a flat surface that makes it very appropriate for curved frame projections. It is also very easy to install and delivers a theater-like viewing experience.
  2. Portable Projector Screen: It is a budget-friendly option that can be used in both your living as well as bedroom. In some portable screens, an unwinding motor is attached. The advantage of these screens is that not only can you put them wherever you wish but also can carry them outdoors too. The metal structure attached to the canvas of this screen keeps it flat. 

Types Of Canvas For Projector Screens

Usually, projector screens are made using PVC. But there are also other types of canvas for projector screens too such as fiberglass. It reinforces the hold. To make the screen have a longer service life these days they are been manufactured having special qualities such as anti-warp, anti-dust, and anti-yellowing too. Various types of fabrics are being used too right from matt-white to fabrics that are microstructured. A grey canvas adds a short throw and high contrast whereas the transparency of Transonor fabric allows the sound to travel through it.