Indeed space has a big role to play in the type of projection you want. But sometimes be it the boardrooms in the office or the space in your home are not much bigger and so it leads to a challenge while using a short throw projector. So, while you decide on the best short throw projector, learn how to make the most of your space.

  • The Role Of The Space: While you are deciding upon where to place the short throw projector it is important to understand the role of space. It is only then you will have clarity on how to make the most of it.  A short throw projector is very ideal for both office use and for home. If the size of the room is not very big then you have two choices for placing the projector to make the most of your space. Either you can keep the projector on the table which is close to the screen or can mount it on the ceiling.

A short-throw projector requires to be kept a distance between three to eight feet away from the screen. So, depending on the size of the room you can place it either on the table or mount it on the ceiling. Making versatile use of the space is the key here. Using the compact size of the projector to your advantage, you can make the most of your space.

  • Seating Arrangement: If the space in the room is not much big then to make the most of it you need to consider the seating arrangement too. Arrange the chairs or the sofa in such a way that it is at a perfect distance from the screen to give a clear view of whatever is being projected.
  • Arrange The Cables: The HDMI cables connecting the short throw projector with other digital devices such as the computer, external speakers, or any other gadget will consume a lot of space. If you mount the projector on the ceiling then this issue gets easily taken care of. If the projector is on the table then try to arrange the cables as neatly as possible to make the most of the space. You can even use wifi connectivity or different other wireless modes such as USB or Bluetooth as per convenience. This will reduce the usage of cables and help you to make the most of your space.
  • Pull Down Screen: If you have space constraints then you can either use a well-painted wall as the projection screen. Otherwise, there are also pull-down screens too for projectors which will help you to make the most of the space. Remember to choose either a grey or white screen for the short-throw projector. These two screens absorb the ambient light and display the projected image with clarity.
  • Place The Projector On A Shelf: A short throw projector can be placed on a shelf too. To make the most of the space you can place it on the shelf. Ensure that the shelf is closer to the screen. You must also check if the angle of the lens is matching the angle of the screen. If these two things are proper then you will get a perfectly aligned image.
  • Change The Lighting System: Ambient light can destroy great visuals. So, to make the most of your space you can change the lighting of the room according to the placement of your projector. Ensure that the light is not too bright on the screen.