See Vava 4k vs Wemax A300 review below.

Laser projectors have become very useful nowadays in various working places or even in homes. Any form of entertainment that is aired on the big screen normally can be brought to any size and shape of home by the laser projectors. Among these projectors, Vava 4k vs Wemax A300 is the most common discussion that people come across in their daily lives.

These projectors not only provide 4k resolutions but with just a few inches away from the screen, they provide a massive picture. With these high-end features and qualities offered by both models, it becomes very hard to compare between Vava 4k vs Wemax A300.

Difference Between Vava 4k vs Wemax 300

vava 4k vs wemax a300
  • Brightness- For a laser projector for spaces with ambient lighting, the minimum amount of brightness that is required is 3000. However, the Vava 4k lies on the darker side as it provides a brightness of 2500 lumens. On the contrary, Wemax 300 gets a clear edge here, as it provides 4 times the brightness than that of Vava 4k. In any level of light, Wemax 300 will provide a premium quality picture.
  • Speakers and Sound Quality- Although Wemax 300 comes with 30-watt stereo speakers which are actually better than the majority of the home theatre projectors, it still comes with certain limitations, especially in the case of the low-end sound spectrum. But Vava 4k comes with 60-watt stereo speakers that are specially made by one of the most renowned companies in the audio industry- Harman Kardon. It provides much better sound quality and frequency. In Vava 4k vs Wemax A300, the former gets ahead of the latter one in terms of speakers and sound quality.
  • Installation- Vava 4k has a greater thrower distance than Wemax 300. The majority of the users are concerned with the adjustment features of the image for a better alignment with the screen. Vava 4k also gets ahead of Wemax A300 in this case as it provides an 8-point keystone correction thus making it very convenient to match the projector’s screen to that of the image.

Both the projectors provide premium features and high picture quality and thus it becomes difficult to choose when comparing Vava 4k vs Wemax 300. However, due to easy installation and better throw distance, Vava 4k gets ahead of Wemax 300. But it depends on the individual’s requirements and needs and thus the choice may vary from person to person.

Vava 4k vs Wemax A300: FAQ-

1. What are the pros and cons of Vava 4k?

When it comes to the positive aspect of Vava 4k, it provides vibrant colors along with sharp resolution and a very powerful in-built sound quality. It also provides a navigation system based on Android. On the negative side, Vava 4k does not come with all streaming apps on the navigation system. And the brightness may appear to be low in well-lit places.