See benq ht5550 vs ht3550 below.

As mentioned above, projectors, both are very well capable of providing 4000 UHD (3840×2160) resolution using pixel shifting and find support for HDR10 and HLG high dynamic range facilities but they also hold differences, to know about that, let’s know about- benq ht5550 vs ht3550.

There are differences in both the projectors, BenQ HT3550 vs HT5550, including Key Spec and many feature differences, they are as follows-

First of all, there is a difference in the throw range of both the projectors; the 1.6 x zoom feature provided by HT5550 presents a larger throw range as compared to the 1.3 x zoom feature for HT3550. The decision to use which projector among the two which are mentioned above also depends upon the various factors like place- where projectors have to be placed, the distance at which they will be placed, screen size- provided for projections, room size, etc. See more about benq ht5550 vs ht3550 below.

benq ht5550 vs ht3550

Second, one of the most important concerns while setting up projection view programs is the audio system. The exciting thing to share is that HT3550 includes an onboard audio feature which implies if some movie night programs are organized, setting up HT3550 will help with onboard audio, that is, there is no force to attach a separate sound system. But, HT5550 lacks this onboard audio feature. But when it comes to playing projections with separate sound systems, then both projectors contain analog and optical audio output jacks. 

The input lag has been measured to be the same in both the projectors that are for 1080p at about 60 ms, which is considered to be slow for casual gaming section reference. But at 4000, the input lag measured is even slower in HT5550, which is around 90 ms but for HT3550 the measured input lag went around 50 ms.

Therefore, HT3550 offers benefits of features such as onboard audio and a slower input lag (which is considered suitable while casual gaming reference). The onboard audio feature leads to facilitate sound facility without attaching separate sound systems.

benq ht5550 vs ht3550

On the other hand, HT5550 holds an advantage: when there is a requirement for home theatre projection programs to be organized; it provides better color accuracy, contrast shadow detail, and the three-dimensionality texture in projector scenes in comparison with BenQ ht5550 vs ht3550.

Also, when the comparison between- Optoma uhd65 vs BenQ HT5550 is being considered, it is observed that the display provided by Optoma uhd65 includes Pure Motion technology which helps to eliminate blurring of graphics and supports smooth frame to frame motion whereas BenQ HT5550 uses Dynamic Iris technology and support both HLG and HDR10 and offers fabulous picture quality. Therefore, both projector types are working on different technologies but are elegant in their way of service.  


Conclusion of benq ht5550 vs ht3550-

Thus, it can be stated that both of the projectors hold the mega capability to show the programs and more effects to the viewer’s experience, hence they hold their similarities and differences regarding features and facilities listed in their elegant working style, thus, it is dependent upon the people to make a choice between them as per their needs considering benq ht5550 vs ht3550.


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