There is nothing quite like experiencing movies on big screens. But it will be a shame to spend the glorious evenings of Summer hanging out Indoors. You can experience the best of these two worlds by making your private cinema experience comfortable in the backyard of your house if there is one. Here is a look at how you can use the best projector for camping to create the best movie theatre experience in the great outdoors.

Benefits of different types of projectors

Though it is possible to haul a television outside for an occasional movie night, it is not going to include the “wow” factor that comes with the big-screen projection systems. The latest home theatre projectors include excellent quality pictures & usually a brighter image than you would expect. Although it is not bright enough for watching outside in daylight but is ample for movie nights under the stars.

Most of these home theatre projectors work conveniently outdoors. (Of course, it is not permanent. You cannot leave any electronic devices outside that are not designed to stay there.) These devices are small & light enough to be carried outside & set on small tables, yet they provide enough light for producing large images.

You can get 100 and even 150 inches diagonal screens. For example, the Epson 2250 model is one of the brightest models which delivers good detail and accurate color. It has a Built-in Android TV stick, so you will not have to attach external media players.

Something to consider for 2250 is the users will at least need 10 feet of space between the screen and the projector for creating an image of 100 inches. If the backyard is sized or shaped in ways that will not work, there is this model of BenQ HT2150ST which will be convenient. It uses one short-throw lens which lets users place it almost 4.9 ft. away from the screen for creating an image of 100 inches.

If you need something that is a little smaller and has a more portable and rugged design, there is the model BenQ GS2. This tiny projector is designed to use outdoors: it is drop and splash resistant, includes a port of USB-C for directly connecting mobile devices for media playback & has built-in batteries with long life as compared to the mini projectors in the market.

This projector models include decent built-in speakers, supports audio output of Bluetooth & even comes with a few built-in streaming applications, so there is no need for attaching separate media players. While this is fairly bright for portable projector models, the GS2 is quite dimmer as compared to the BenQ HT2150ST and the Epson 2250 models. Though, it is the best bet for you if you are searching for the simplest model &are okay with modest-sized images.

Usage of projector screens

The easiest way for watching outdoor movies will of course be to make the projected images shine On your house wall. There is a reason why the movie screens look smooth. You will be able to notice the surface and texture of the material of the “screen” no matter the brightness of the projector. If you have got shingles of wood, you will see the shingles lit colorfully by the movie. The same goes for stucco or other types of surfaces. The color of the film tends to shift with those of the wall. The option is of course simple & also free, but there is a better option.

Big white sheets are the most affordable and convenient solution which can still provide users with decent images. Although the texture issue that is mentioned earlier can still be of concern, it will be less so if the users keep the sheet free of wrinkles. Even a light wind can cause the screen to move. So, for the best and least-distracting experience, you will need to pull the sheet tautly while attaching it to homemade frames or walls. You can get astonishingly good performance from Target sheets as outdoor movie screens.