How to hang a projector screen from ceiling? Hanging a projector has many benefits which why is why it is important to know how to hang a projector screen from ceiling. The screen is unobtrusive when not in use. It is less prone to damage, less noticeable, and can be controlled remotely.  

Step 1

Firstly you will need a ladder to figure out which part of the ceiling will hold one end of the projector screen housing. Once you’re on the ladder you should use a stud sensor to find the wooden ceiling jolts as the drywall ones are not sturdy enough to hold the projector. You will need to secure the brackets into these jolts. See more steps of How to hang a projector screen from ceiling.

Step 2

how to hang a projector screen from ceiling

Once you have located the ceiling jolts, you should fix each bracket at the center of each jolt so that the screws properly adjoin the bracket. Then demarcate the holes in the bracket where the screws will go and drill holes in them. When drilling, remember to hold the drill vertically so that the screws go straight.

Step 3

Once drilling the holes is done, use a screwdriver to fasten the bracket onto the stud with the help of the screws provided. To attach the other bracket to the sealing repeat these steps. Once both brackets are attached on both sides you can fix the projector screen and case on these brackets. Often the height of the ceiling may be just about perfect but sometimes it could also be too high. In such cases, bracket extension can be used to bring the protection screen and its housing down to your desired level. 


How to hang a projector screen from ceiling?

There are usually three ways to hang a projector from the ceiling:

– By using a universal suspended ceiling 

  • Using projector ceiling tiles
  • Or use a bracketed projector 

 Universal Drop Ceiling Projector Mount 

The best thing about Universal False Sealing is that it comes in a complete package. Comes with a ceiling mount that can be easily attached to the ceiling. Some brackets can be adjusted in the center of the mount. These mounts are universal and fit most projectors.

Projector ceiling tiles

This is more or less similar to the universal drop ceiling. Just instead of a full ceiling mount, it’s only a ceiling plate. To install this you just need to put it on the top area where your projector is going to be.

Projector bracket

If the first 2 options can seem too troublesome, simply go with a projector bracket. With these brackets, you just need to screw them onto the drop ceiling.

How to install a projector screen on the ceiling?

how to hang a projector screen from ceiling

Here’s a step by step guide:

1. Get all necessary materials 

  • Toggle bolts or eyebolt screws
  • Stud finder or powerful magnet
  • L-brackets
  • A screwdriver
  • A drill
  • Hook snaps
  • Ceiling hooks

2. Get the screen ready

Once you have finalized the area where you want to hang the projector, start preparing your projector screen. Most projectors these days come half ready for ceiling mounting. These connectors will help hold the screen up.

3. Prepare the ceiling

Once the projector screen is ready, prepare the ceiling so that screen can be mounted. Use a drill to make holes in the ceiling. It is important to predrill when hanging a screen as it can make the entire installation process more smooth and fast.

4. Install the projector screen

Once everything is ready, you can begin installing the projector screen. You might need an extra set of hands to help you raise the screen Ask a friend or family member to lift the screen and have the eyebolts aligned in a manner that they are attached to the pre-drilled holes. Now just snap the holes onto the eyebolts loop and fix the projector.

Go For A Test Run

Fire up your projector and make sure the projector is clear and crisp. You can keep changing the adjustment of the projector till you get the perfect view.


1. How to install projector screen on ceiling?

Here are five simple steps that will help you install a projector screen in your ceiling:

  1. Choose the desired location 
  2. Measure the screen size 
  3. Find joists in the ceiling
  4. Make holes and tighten hooks
  5. Install the screen

This is the simplest way one can hang the projector screen. 

Alternatively, you can also use L-brackets or hooks and chains to hang a projector from your ceiling.