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LED lamps in a projector give you greater flexibility which is not possible to achieve using a halogen projector. If you replace the halogen bulb of a projector with the best LED for halogen projectors, you can comfortably use it outdoors and in high ambient light conditions. The below factors explain how it is so.

Factors On How A Projector With LED Lamp Can Be Used Outdoors

LED Lamps for Halogen Projectors: How To Use Them For Outdoor And High Ambient Light Conditions

For outdoor viewing or in ambient light conditions it is necessary that the projector must deliver a greater number of lumens. The projector must be able to block the outside light flowing between the projector and the screen. The thing about an LED lamp is that it provides much higher lumens than halogen projectors. You can easily get above three thousand lumens with LED lamps. So, when you replace the halogen bulb of a projector with an LED lamp that has more than three thousand lumens, it makes the projector compatible with outdoor viewing. 

 All you got to do is to set the projector in a shaded area where there is no overhead direct sun. Put a grey screen and begin the projection. You will find that due to the higher lumens of the LED lamp, the projector is projecting videos or images with greater clarity. The grey screen helps in soaking in every light falling on it and projecting the visuals with clarity. Furthermore, if required, you can also increase the brightness and contrast levels a bit higher. You will find that the LED lamp has made the projector project great visual quality even with high ambient light conditions outdoors.