Many people often wonder before switching to LED lamps for projectors halogen. Indeed both LED and Halogen lamps in projectors have their difference and individuality. The differences have been discussed here so that you can buy the best LED for halogen projectors with confidence. 

Differences between LED vs. Halogen For Projectors

LED vs Halogen For Projectors: Which Is The Better Choice?
LED lamps have higher lumens and so deliver greater brightness during projection making the image bright, clear, and vibrant.There is a limitation in the brightness levels with projectors having halogen bulbs.
LED lamps do not get heated up easily. It is capable of functioning and maintaining cool.The halogen bulb gets heated up quickly and you need to give some rest to the projector for the lamp to cool while switching between sessions. 
A projector with having LED lamp starts up quickly.Projectors with halogen bulbs take time to start after switching them on. It is not as quick as LED.
The duty cycle of LED lamps in projectors is much longer. It works for many years before needing a replacement.The duty cycle of halogen bulbs in projectors is not as long as that of LED lamps. It has a very limited timeframe of operation. 
LED lamps in a projector do not become faulty easily.The halogen bulb in a projector is very delicate. With the slightest jerk or power fluctuation the filament breaks just like it happens for a lightbulb in a room. 
LED lamps are energy savers. It creates no load on the projector to consume more energy while projecting.Halogen bulbs get heated up easily which makes the projector fans operate to keep the internal temperature cool. It led to greater consumption of energy.
LED lamp saves cost as you do not require frequent replacement. Halogen bulbs require frequent replacement so are not budget-friendly. 
You can easily switch on and off projectors many times a day when it has LED lamps.You cannot frequently switch on and off a projector with a halogen bulb. At least a gap of 2 hours must be given between them for the bulb to turn cool.
LED lamps are safe and they do not burst.When overheated halogen bulbs burst and damage the lens of the projector too.
LED lamps can still project brightly if there is light in the room.Unless the room is poorly lit, the projection shall appear faded when a projector uses a halogen bulb.